HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Plan

Comprehensive Guide to HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Plan

If you’re planning a trip, getting travel insurance from HDFC ERGO travel insurance can provide peace of mind and help protect against any unexpected issues. Their comprehensive coverage includes medical expenses, baggage loss, flight delays or cancellations, and more. Learn more about the benefits and coverage details now!

Features and Benefits

Here are some of the features of the policy

Range of plans

From the age of 6months to 70 years a wide range of plans are available. Choose from the following plans according to own needs.

Single Trip Policy

06 months to 70 years.

Annual Multi-Trip

18 years to 70 years.

A single trip for Asia Excluding Japan

6Months to 70 years

Family Floater

Self and spouse up to the age of 60 years and the child max 2 from 3 months up to 21 years.


For international travel claims 24X7 assistance is available.

Online Policy:

Instant Online Policy Issuance is also available.

Medical Procedures:

To avail HDFC ERGO Travel insurance no medical procedures and health checks are available.

Cashless hospitalization and claims:

If you need to make a claim in an unfortunate circumstance while traveling, you can avail the benefits of uncomplicated cashless hospitalization.

What coverage does HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance policy offer?

Here are the details regarding the coverage that the HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance policy offers:

Emergency Medical Expenses:

Covers all medical expenses incurred due to illness or accident. It covers out-patient, in-patient, medical aid, and therapies.

Emergency Medical Evacuation:

Covers the expenses incurred in moving to the nearest hospitals.

Repatriation of Remains:

Expenses incurred in moving the insured persons to his/her country.

Emergency Dental Expenses:

Covers non-surgical treatments of natural teeth.

Hospital Cash:

As stated in the policy schedule pays daily expenses in the event of hospitalization.

Accidental death and permanent total disability – Common Carrier:

Pays the Sum Insured in the Schedule in addition to the Sum Insured under Accidental Accident if the Insured sustains accidental bodily injury while traveling by common carriers such as rail, bus, or airplane during the trip; and such bodily injury results in death or permanent total disability.

The Benefits of Buying HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance.

HDFC ERGO’s travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage for a variety of scenarios. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, their plan can help protect you in the event of medical emergencies, baggage loss, flight delays or cancellations, passport loss, and more. With this plan, you’ll enjoy benefits such as quick and easy online purchases; simple documentation processes; a hassle-free claims process; and guaranteed hassle-free customer service.